What do you deeply desire to call into your life right now? What tender parts need extra love and light to start to heal? To vibrate from a space of deep rooted love? To thrive in your kick ass goddess powers? Lets co-create your very own sacred soul mala with intuitively chosen healing gemstones to help you do just that.

Each mala’s beauty is undeniable. When you are wearing and holding the beads holding your Sacred Intention, you will feel your body vibrating, your energy vibrating your Sacred Intention out for the world.

The way I create these sacred soul Malas is through a conversation together, firstly; a Soul Sync. Phone, skype, or email. We will talk about what you desire this Mala to mean for you. What you desire to call into your life right now. What intentions or feelings it should evoke for you. What dark goddess spirit will you call upon as you put your mala around your neck? What angel of light will flow forth from your heart? We will focus in on the words that have the strongest resonance for you from our soul sync. I pull stones intuitively based on the magical words and feelings we conjured together. The stones just…..speak to me. Many times I have already received a download of stones that are calling to you before we even speak. If you have stones (or colors) you’d like to explore or you know you would like me to work with, we can talk about that as well. I handpick my inventory of stones from my suppliers in India and Brazil that I trust and love dearly. The gemstones I work with are all genuine, high quality, high vibration precious & semi precious stones. All of my gemstones are cleaned (given a nice little gemstone bath) and cleared (energetically) when they arrive to me, and live a lush life in my studio temple while awaiting to be used in a magical creation. Your chosen stones are strung on silk cord and knotted between each 108 stones and one Guru bead. You can choose a traditional silk tassel or a beautiful gemstone drop at the bottom to finish your mala off. When she is complete, I lay her on my altar to charge up fully before she travels to you.


About 108 Malas

Malas are sacred garlands of beads. Mala is Sanskrit for “garland.” Traditionally, they have 108 beads, plus 1 guru bead and a tassel. These beads are used to count your mantra chants during meditation. A mantra is a sacred utterance of words or sounds. I am happy to choose an appropriate mantra for your custom soul mala, or you can conjure up your own powerful words. The mala is used to help deepen your meditation, to create a deeper connection to these sacred words you choose to chant, and very practically to keep count for you. As your fingers pass over each gemstone, sacred seed, or piece of natural material, the nadis in your fingers sense the stones vibrations, and begins to pull those healing vibrations into you. Our bodies vibrational frequency will raise up to match and resonate with the higher, more constant, healing frequency of the stones. This helps you to sink deeper into meditation, have the mantras magic pour deeper into your being with each recital,  and allows the outter stuff to just fall away. Peace. Serenity. Oneness. OM.


I’ve been designing jewelry for over 15 years. My work has been known among top celebrities and stylists. I’ve been featured on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and at the Golden Globes Luxury Gift Lounge. Even with all that “success,” I felt….extremely empty. I knew to my core that I was not doing my souls work. I knew things needed to change in order for me to have a sustainable, soulful business. One thing I realized was that in order to start doing my souls work, I needed to connect, intimately, with the women I was creating for. In doing this, something unexpected and truly incredible began to happen. Not only was helping show these women how heal, but I myself began to heal as well. This is how I began my journey as an intuitive jewelry designer and Crystal Healer. I am a lightworker. A seer. More like….a senser; a feeler. And I am here to help you see just how damn sacred and special you are. Right now, just as you are.


Here's a rundown of what you'll get once THE MAGIC takes ITS COURSE:

A super-powered custom talisman that keeps you grounded and anchored in your beautiful, sacred desires, as well as in your beautiful, sacred body.

A piece of jewelry that symbolizes you & your sacred soul story to the core. THAT is pretty fucking powerful stuff, starface.

A Sacred Mala that has been intuitively and consciously designed with ethically sourced precious earth minerals. Your highest good is always at heart.

Crystal Clear navigationals on how you desire to feel right now, in this phase of your growth. Possibly even removal of old rooted bullshit beliefs that have kept you from feeling the way you desire to feel. Its been known to happen during and after the Soul Sync session. Just acknowledging their roots has an amazingly powerful effect of setting stuff in forward motion my love.


  1. These Custom Sacred Soul Malas are $275, with complimentary priority shipping.
  2. Click the pink purchase now button at the bottom of this page. Complete checkout and book your Soul Sync date with me.
  3. We’ll hop on the phone, skype or email to get deep into what this mala will mean for you. Sacred words. Sacred meanings. Sacred Talisman just for you.
  4. I will talk amongst my gemstones and ask which ones want to work with you on this journey. To help conjure these sacred feelings for you, propelling you forward. If I need to special order any stones just for you I will.
  5. I will lay out a preliminary design of your mala for your approval.
  6. Once we are on the same page, I conjure magic in my studio temple, creating your sacred mala, one bead, one knot, at a time. Pure, attuned intention. The creation of your Mala is a sacred ritual to me, and treated so every step of the way.
  7. Finally, I’ll priority mail your power talisman to your door, wrapped up all luxurious and pretty, because I know you’re ready to embrace your superpowers!
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“When I first starting chatting with Amber about creating a custom mala, my body…mind…soul…everything felt off. I had been having panic attacks again, largely due to postpartum hormonal fluctuations, residual grief issues and mortality issues. Working with Amber…she just gets me. I told her what my concerns were, that I felt I needed some mental, emotional and hormonal balance, and she understood completely. Amber has this incredible ability to tap into my core, and harness it. We anchored my mala with a clear crystal…something that would bring balance and clarity to the areas I was concerned with. I wear my mala nearly every single day…it grounds me, calms me, and breathes balance into every part of my being. I cannot thank Amber enough for her wonderful gift. She is truly incredible, and creates magic with her very fingertips.”





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